Warrior Sisters’ Summer


Grace W Upper IV

Over the Summer holiday Grace W in Upper IV took part in a variety of activities. She took part in a few national, and international, writing competitions where she submitted her work, and one of her pieces will be featured in the upcoming anthology “Funny Festival Fables”, run by CAAB publishing and the other one will be published online. Another activity that Grace got up to over the summer was playing her piano for Care Homes around Reading. She visited St Lukes in Caversham and Shinfield View on a few occasions and played the piano for the residents. Both care homes welcomed Grace’s eagerness to play for the residents, and she had an amazing time knowing that she was able to give something back to the community. They invited her back again in October and December and she is planning to hold a short Christmas concert for the residents, along with some little cards and small handmade presents. If anyone is interested to join Grace W, please do get in touch with her.

Margaret Upper II

Margaret W in Upper II had a relaxed summer but carried on with her favourite hobby, writing. She entered a few writing competitions and she can proudly share with you that her stories will be published online and one made its way into a book that will be published just before Christmas. The story that will be published online is based on an antique clock that was found on an old, dark, creaky shelf that had cobwebs hanging from one corner to the other. It is called the Time Twister and Margaret will let us know when it will be available to all of us to read online.

Margaret also wrote a jolly Christmas story which has been selected by CAAB publishing and her work will be featured in the upcoming anthology “Funny Festive Fables”. Once again, Margaret will let us know when the book will be out in the UK.

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