Upper VI Leavers Science


On Monday Upper VI leavers had fun experimenting with different elements to create flashes and bangs. 

The experiments included:

Screaming Jelly Baby. This is a reaction which releases the energy contained within a Jelly Baby as quickly as possible, observed as the Jelly Baby screams, burns with a bright lilac light and tries to escape.

Cannon Fire. Potassium manganate (VII) is sprinkled onto a burning mixture of ethanol and hydrogen peroxide. As oxygen is produced it helps the ethanol to burn, producing a series of small detonations.

Burning Hands. A bubble mixture was used to trap methane, which is then held and ignited. Depending upon the context of your comments, a warning not to try this at home is important as we’re using carefully controlled conditions and doing similar can lead to serious burns. N.B. none of the others should be tried at home, but are unlikely to be tried.

Nitrogen Triiodide. The students prepared a small sample of nitrogen triiodide, which is highly unstable when dry. If it is hit, it decomposes explosively forming nitrogen and iodine vapour (which is the purple gas observed), as well as a loud bang.

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