Upper Prep Inquiry


The Upper Prep students have been inquiring into Where we are in Place and Time, by exploring different homes around the world.  

They spent time exploring different resources that are needed to build a home, the various family lifestyles, as well as factors that influence homes and where people live. 

During art lessons, students were influenced by Laura Jordan’s art involving city-scapes, and they transferred their knowledge into a collaborative art piece of our Upper Prep Community. 

Students had the opportunity to create their own house for their community using Batik and collage, using a variety of different materials. We love seeing each student’s unique creativity shine through in this art piece.  

Ishita, Kanvika and Saanvi noted that they loved painting using the primary colours, whilst Zifei, Camilla and Lara enjoyed sewing some of their material onto the Batik.

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