Upper IV Food Group


This week the Upper IV students had the opportunity to make from scratch, Scotch Eggs or Glamorgan sausages. 

The well known Scotch egg recipe includes a boiled egg, wrapped in sausage meat and finally coated in breadcrumbs before being baked or deep fried. Glamorgan sausages on the other hand are a traditional Welsh vegetarian sausages, their main ingredients include cheese, leeks and breadcrumbs. Now for the taste test…the students enjoyed tucking into their creations.

Here are Emily’s thoughts on the lesson:

Well it was St David’s Day only last week so faced with the choice I had to go for Glamorgan sausages over Scotch eggs!  

They’re vegetarian and basically made with leeks, breadcrumbs, grated cheese together with seasoning.  I was a bit dubious because the ingredients seemed too dry to come together but with a bit of coaxing and coated in flour, egg white and breadcrumbs they looked like the real deal and ready to lightly fry.  I was very pleased with how crispy and golden they turned out and they also passed the taste test both with my friend Maggie after physics and with my family at dinner.

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