Upper I Assembly


Upper IS had their class assembly this week. The theme was gratitude. 

We have been exploring how being thankful impacts us and the people around us. Gratitude isn’t just a word; it’s a way of seeing the world. It means recognizing all the good things in our lives, and understanding where they come from. It’s about appreciating big things, like our families and our homes and small things, like a sunny day or a helping hand from a friend. It’s about more than just saying ‘thank you.’ Can you think of three things you are grateful for today? 

As a class, we came up with a poem to say thank you to everyone who teaches/works with us at The Abbey Junior School. 

Upper IS at The Abbey 

In our school where lessons bloom like spring,
Teachers at The Abbey make our hearts sing.
Mrs. Vorster is our guide each day,
Teaching us to learn in the best way.

Mr. Stevens shows us tech so cool,
In IT class, computers rule!
In science, Mrs. Jones’s experiments are a blast,
Fizzing potions and theories vast.

Mrs. Turpin is there, a helping hand,
With kindness and care, she’s really grand.
Mrs. Adams, with her music, songs take flight,
We sing and we play with all our might.

In Ms Flint’s class, the spotlight gleams bright,
Under her guidance, we act with all our might.
PE Coaches keep us on our toes,
Running and jumping, away our energy goes.

Mrs. Dunford supports every need,
Helping us succeed, she takes the lead.
Mrs McCafferty, with colours so bright,
Guides our hands to create, with artistic delight.

Our library’s a castle of stories to explore,
Dr. Mohan helps us find books we adore.
Mrs. Clark helps run the show,
With smiles and wisdom, always on the go.

Ms. Kaura leads our wonderful school,
Her vision and passion, a precious jewel.
Every corner of The Abbey is a place to grow,
With teachers like stars, they make us glow.

Admin, kitchens, maintenance – a trio divine,
In the hustle and bustle, they keep things in line.
From lunchtime delights to forms filled with care,
Fixing equipment glitches, they’re always there.

Thank you, everyone, for all that you do,
For guiding us and helping us through.
You make us laugh, you make us ponder,
You make The Abbey full of wonder.

So here’s a cheer for our teachers dear,
And all who make our school year clear!
Thanks for every lesson, every day,
Making school our favourite place.

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