U13 Aegon Tennis


On Monday 1 July, four of our most talented U13 Tennis players travelled to Charters School to play the semi-finals of the Aegon Tennis tournament.

Yuuki, Mariam, Diana and Eshitha battled it out against the strong Charters players in both singles and doubles matches. It was an extremely close result; Charters led with wins in two singles matches and one double match.

The Abbey and Charters watched in anticipation as Eshitha and her partner finished their match 6-6. Eshitha then rose to the challenge of a tiebreaker and won 7-5, putting us neck and neck with Charters! 

Yuuki and Diana took on the 1st and 3rd seed players from Charters to play a 10-point shootout. It was very tight, but The Abbey pair secured a confident 10-8 win. This means they progress to the Finals! Go Team Abbey!

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