This is me! 


This is me,
This poem tells,
What I like
And what I do well.

My family encourages me,
To do new things,
We work together,
Until my sister and I grow wings.

I take from my mother’s side,
Of brown bushy hair,
My skin is as white as the snow,
And my father’s side gave me the straight shape of my nose.

Rippling with kindness,
Creativity is one of my skills,
Adoring science as well,
When I write is when I ‘spell’.

Aiming high,
To touch the bell,
In English and Science,
And all my other subjects as well.

Reaching up to my limits,
And stretching myself,
Completing new obstacles,
And making new ones as well!

Marvellous at English,
Discovering new words,
Being a risk taker,
Learning new species of birds.

Walking everywhere,
In London to see,
The buildings, the people
And what makes me, ME!

By Margaret Upper II

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