The Answer to Suffering


Upper III have been exploring and reflecting on the Buddhist response to being human. They demonstrated their learning by re-writing the lyrics to Disney’s ‘Let it Go’, as reported by Fedora:

“Our PAT teacher, Mrs Jest, taught us about the four noble truths that Buddha realised while sitting under the Bodhi tree; Dukkha, Samudaya, Nirodha and Magga. For homework we had to rewrite the lyrics of ‘Let it go’ using the four noble truths. Most of the class knew the tune and we got through the work without any doubts. We even sang our own lyrics out loud to the tune! 

Doing this really got me thinking about how the enlightenment affected the Buddha, such as how he felt when he finally got the answer to suffering after all his hard work. I even think doing this activity made the whole class think a lot about the enlightenment story!

The whole class participated in singing and some of us even did a little jig to it. All of us enjoyed this activity and I’m pretty sure that most of the class know the four noble truths by heart now.”

Illustration by Anoushka and Harriet Upper IV

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