The Abbey SPACE Project


In September we were lucky enough to welcome Helen Sharman (the first British astronaut) to the Junior School. This visit marked the start to our year long Abbey SPACE project, which allowed our students to learn about the advancements in space exploration and the wonders of the universe.

Through the year students have tackled a variety of STEM challenges, including designing a space suit, coding a spaceship and designing a parachute to help slow a spacecraft down during entry, descent, and landing. In our last Celebration Assembly of the year a large number of certificates were handed out, including 11 Gold awards for the students who had completed all three tasks.

A huge well done to: 

Lauren Lower IP
Hafsa Lower IP
Saiba Lower IP
Kiara Lower IF

Margaret Upper IM
Trisha Upper IX

Laxshimi Upper IIF
Valentina Upper IIF

Matilda Lower IIIP
Tereza Lower IIIG 

To top off the project Mrs Jones had a final surprise for everyone…The Abbey Junior School is off to the moon! That’s right, the school is being launched into space!

Our school name has been added to the NASA database on Aritimis 1. This is the first in a series of increasingly complex missions that will enable human exploration to the Moon and Mars. The launch is expected to be in August 2022 and more information can be found at

The Abbey Junior School is going to infinity and beyond! 

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