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Despite the pandemic, 2021 has been a successful year for Cerys (UI) in her tennis. 

She’s busy playing most days with group sessions, County training, individual lessons and she still fits in playing with her dad too! Following the Berkshire Team success, Cerys has immersed herself in training and entered numerous tournaments. She is very proud of all her medals, always “fighting hard against opponents “and accepting if she’s beaten that she “needs to just get better “! Cerys admitted that she recently had a bit of a dip with performance going up and down but is excited that her dedication has led to a jump in the LTA National rankings to fifth-place for U9 and yesterday she was invited to a 1:1 assessment with the National Head Coach for U10 girls.

Cerys loves watching tennis too and has a few role models that she aspires to. The obvious one is Emma Radacanu, and although Cerys hasn’t had blisters from so much playing, her arm does sometimes ache! She also follows Ash Barty; and Nadal has just knocked Djokovic off her top spot in the men’s game. 

In school, Cerys is up for being involved in all sports and is especially pleased to be selected for today’s cross-country event: it’s great fitness training for tennis and she’s been doing some extra work on the treadmill! She would definitely recommend tennis though, being such an “athletic sport, with running & jumping, but also having to think a lot – it’s like multitasking!” These are skills that usefully help her to juggle school and home too.

Never mind all the anticipation with moving up the National ranks; Cerys is also excited at the prospect of playing a game with Mrs Barlow, JS PE teacher, and member at the same Caversham club! May the best player win!

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