Stunning IB Results at The Abbey


Every year we celebrate exceptional performances by Abbey students in the globally respected IB Diploma Programme. This year is no different. Students across the cohort averaged 40 points from a maximum of 45. To put that into context, the standard offer from the University of Oxford is 38 points and the overall average points score is around 30.

More than 60% of students secured over 40 points and two students achieved the remarkable and rare feat of a maximum score of 45 points – typically achieved by less than 0.5% of candidates around the world. Over 83% of all individual grades were 6 or 7, the equivalent of A/A*.

These results take students to some of the world’s most competitive courses at leading institutions:

  • Electronic and Information Engineering at Imperial
  • History and Politics at the University of Cambridge
  • PPE at King’s College London and the University of Warwick
  • French and Spanish at the University of Oxford
  • Veterinary Science at the University of Bristol
  • Medicine at the University of Leeds
  • International Relations at King’s College London

Head, Will le Fleming said: “We could not be more proud of the results of all students, and the wonderful outcomes they have achieved. What characterises our community is the celebration of each individual by their teachers and their peers: we know how happy all students will be on each other’s behalf.

“Every member of staff has played a part in supporting our IB cohort and we are so grateful for their passion and dedication. It’s a joy to witness the mutual delight of young people and staff when they receive results. It says so much about the journey they have shared.

“For us, helping every individual achieve their own personal best, and to go out into the world with purpose and confidence, is at the heart of what we seek to achieve. Our young people have such a sense of commitment to their own endeavours and to the causes they support with such sincerity. We can’t wait to hear about the adventures that await them.”

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