Story Museum Oxford


The Lower I students had a wonderful day in Oxford last week, visiting the Story Museum where, during the morning, they entered the enchanted forest to enjoy a traditional tale from our brilliant guide, James, before listening to stories told by the trees. 

They were given the freedom to explore the many rooms dedicated to different books which included an Alice in Wonderland room with original text, written by Lewis Carroll, transposed onto the windows and a glass table at the bottom of the rabbit hole; the Narnia room which could only be entered through the wardrobe, complete with fur coats and the ‘Snowman’ room with the film of the book to watch. This was followed by the Harry Potter room where the students worked in small groups, to create their own animal stories using props.

The afternoon was spent on an excursion into Narnia. Step by step, James took the students through the story of ‘The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe’ to find the lamp at the entrance to Narnia, to share the wearing of ‘Mr Tumnus’s scarf, to find the characters that had been turned into stone, to smell Turkish delight and to stand on the ramparts of the castle where they were able to throw snowballs and finally take part in the downfall of the wicked white witch!

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