Skating success


We are pleased to hear that Sophie (Upper V Sports Scholar) has achieved a stunning 3rd place at the Skate London International in the Junior Ladies category. The top three ladies were all very close but left a huge gap below them over their two days of competition. 

Along with 3rd place, Sophie really stood out in a number of areas. She was the only one with a triple in her programme and scored the highest on her double axel; she even achieved bonus marks for distribution on the double axel. Outside of the double axel and triple Salcow, she was the only competitor with fully rotated double jumps. Finally, she was the only competitor to get a level 4 spin called, which is the highest level available in a spin. 

The step up to adult competition is a big one, so Sophie has done particularly well! Along with her coaching team, we are all very proud of her achievements.

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