Sixth Form French Debate


Last week, The Abbey School hosted a French debate with Reading School, where students discussed whether there should be a boycott on the Paris Olympics 2024. Students gave their opinions on the ethical ramifications of the Olympic Games, such as the expulsion of unhoused people from Paris and the staggering carbon emissions expected due to the event, while also considering the benefits the Games bring, which include a boost to the local economy.

The debate allowed us to place our study of the French language within the wider context of modern French society. Engaging with current affairs really helped us relate what we learn about the francophone world in class to our daily lives and to global news. Working with Reading School was a good opportunity to develop teamwork skills and to gain a more varied perspective on issues like the Olympics.

Overall, it was a valuable experience that allowed a refreshingly different style of language learning and practice than typically featured in a classroom. We look forward to more extra curricular events like this one!


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