Science Oxford Workshop


This week Lower Prep welcomed Science Oxford and their little ‘Puppet pal’ Isobel into Abbey Gardens as an exciting start to their new unit of Inquiry, ‘How the World Works’. 

The children explored a variety of different materials, thinking carefully about each of their properties and testing their ideas out in an effort to help Isobel choose the right ones for her latest inventions. 

Our second workshop provided an opportunity for the children to apply their understanding and predict whether different objects would bounce or break when dropped which brought about a few unexpected results. Then, much to the children’s delight, the end of the morning was marked with a final task of making something brand new. The children rolled up their sleeves to measure out different ingredients, combine them together and observe how the properties changed as they reacted to make a new substance – SLIME! A fabulous time was had by all and who knows we may now have some Little Inventors in the making.

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