Ready, Steady, Cook


On Wednesday evening, Sixth Form teams from The Abbey and Reading Boys School competed for the trophy in our first Ready Steady Cook competition.  

The brief was to cook an affordable meal for two people in two courses from a bag of previously unseen random ingredients costing no more than £5.  The students worked for one hour to complete some absolutely delicious food, which delighted the 6 judges from both schools.  

The winners, achieving gold, were Anjali and Anika, pipping Jo and Hannah by 2 marks in silver, with Bag 7 from Reading Boys School in bronze position.  The students exceeded expectations with hand made pasta, cake, jam, risottos, cheesecake, tiffin and plenty of cookies!  

Our judges remarked that Bag 6 from Reading Boys School had made the best cookies that they had ever tasted!  But the winner was the delicious, creamy, fruity, tart and light curry made by Anjali and Anika.  

Everyone went home with a smile and an engraved wooden spoon to remember the event.

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