Public Speaking Success


Both our Intermediate and Senior public speaking teams won their heats and went through to the District Final last week. Our LIV Intermediate team won their section and will go through to the Regional Final next Saturday. Our LV Senior team of Grace, Teresa and Amy performed impressively, in a field which included sixth form teams. I would like to congratulate all the students for their commitment and polished performances.  

Nikita: Once again, I really enjoyed the opportunity to host a debate with the rest of my team. Although I was a bit nervous at first as the number of people in the audience had definitely grown since the last round and the competition were all winners from their districts, when our team took to the stage I relaxed and enjoyed the experience! All of the teams were excellent, and I’m sure my other team members are just as excited as I am to go to the Regional Final!

Gabrielle: I was quite nervous for the District Final, because unlike before, we weren’t doing it at The Abbey and we didn’t have the Seniors’ support as they were in another room, so it was just my team and the 6 other schools. However, once I was able to calm down, I could put my heart and soul into what I was saying. 

Saanvi: This has perhaps been one of the best opportunities for me in my time at The Abbey. When I was speaking I felt everyone go silent and it was as if I was the only one in the room speaking at that moment. I also recall when it was time for one of the Rotarians to ask a question and I was hoping it wouldn’t be me – but it was. That was one of the most terrifying bits of the evening as coming up with a structured, eloquent answer unprepared isn’t easy! 

Ms Quant

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