New Designers Exhibition


On 28 June, we travelled to London to see the New Designers exhibition where textile students across the country display their work from across the three years of their degree.

Going to new designers was truly captivating and being able to talk to individuals, from a variety of universities, about their unique journeys towards where they are now was incredibly informative. The students gave us many insights into the composition of Textiles and Fashion degree courses and the individuality that creative subjects allow you to have, a glance into possibilities beyond degree level, and the wide array of opportunities for those within this industry. Each artist’s work displayed was unique, giving their pieces a personal twist. Being able to talk about the techniques and fabrics, and to see and understand their processes was fascinating as they explained what truly brought their work to life. 

Amy and Cindy Lower V

Last Thursday, Lower VI and Lower V visited the New Designers exhibition in London for Textiles. Many universities had fascinating arrays of work on display, inspiring the students to incorporate different techniques and ideas that could link with their current GCSE and A Level work, which could be explored further back in the classroom. As sixth formers, we enjoyed inquiring about university courses and exploring undergraduate and postgraduate work, exciting us for the future of our artistic studies. We were particularly impressed by the level of craftsmanship displayed. From intricate embroidery and knitwear to innovative fabric manipulations. One of the trip’s highlights was the opportunity to speak directly to the designers. These conversations provided invaluable insights into their creative processes, the challenges they faced, and the inspirations behind their work. It was fascinating to hear first-hand about their journeys and the dedication required to bring their visions to life. Overall, the trip to the New Designers exhibitions was an enriching experience and we look forward to applying what we learned to our projects.

Sakhi and Meg Lower VI

All students took part in the The Square Scarf Challenge coordinated by Swansea College of Art. They individually had the chance to play with pattern, colour and collage to create a design. Amy was the winner of the competition in our cohort and her design will be printed onto silk and sent to her later in the year. Winning designs will also be exhibited in the up-and-coming Swansea’s Got Textiles Talent exhibition at Swansea College of Art in September, where current emerging talent will be celebrated in the Schools and Colleges network. Well done Amy.

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