My Royal Albert Hall Performance


I recently got an amazing opportunity to perform at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall, London, in the Suzuki Gala Concert on Easter Sunday (9 Apr 2023). It was a great experience for me. About 1300 children from 31 different countries were playing together – all without missing a single note.

The overall experience of the Royal Albert Hall was a very new and different opportunity for me. I have been there before not to perform myself but to watch my older brother perform. It was the performance of 2016 when I was the age of 4. Whilst watching I decided to play the violin leading me to this variety of different choices and opportunities that I have today. Performing in the Royal Albert Hall along with around a 1000 violins were viola players, flautists, cellists and a band. It was incredible to see how people from so many countries, speaking over 22 different languages all could manage to play the exact same pieces of music. All from memory.

Leading up to the concert was a 3 day workshop where each day was divided into three sections. We had group lessons, improvisation lessons and a 1-1 master class, which allowed us to receive feedback on how to improve our work which was very helpful for the actual performance in the Royal Albert Hall. It was an experience that I won’t ever forget. And I am looking forward to the next Royal Albert Hall concert.

Gayatri, Upper III

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