My Poem about ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’


There once were four siblings,

One of them, became a king,

But that’s not where the story starts

So listen to the beginning,

They had been evacuated, 

So they could escape WW2, 

To a house that was large,

And prestigious too,

Where they embarked on a great adventure….

….in a wardrobe!

Far away, young Lucy discovered,

A lion, a witch and then a land was uncovered!

She told her sister, her brothers too,

But all they did was give her a clue,

That she was lying, and Lucy started crying!

Tears and tears fell from her eyes,

And when Edward went in the wardrobe too,

He made up a fib,

That there was no such land!

So Lucy started to hatch a plan,

That she would make him pay for the price!

One day later,

When Lucy officially had a hater,

They played hide and seek,

To see if they could sneak,

A glimpse of the land. 

So Susan went checking around,

To see if anything had been found,

In the wardrobe.

Then Peter went to look about,

To see if anything throughout,

 The wardrobe had been found.

Next Edward went to see, 

If anything new had been placed 

In the wardrobe.

And all this time Lucy had been hiding

Inside the place that had been providing,

The secret spot for her to see,

If all three of them were lying!

When they found each other there,

They were so scared that they all held hands



My, my!

It was a whole palace of snow, 

Where they met Aslan the lion,

Who said hello,

And Mr Tumnus, and Mr and Mrs Beaver too,

Who told them who,

Was this wicked person,

It was Jadis the White Queen,

Yes it really is true!

The White Wicked Witch,

Was behind all of this!


They called all the animals and mythical creatures,

To see if any of them would help their leaders,

Who were the Sons of Adam,

And the Daughters of Eve,

And guess what!

They all AGREED!

So they walked to her castle,

With great power indeed,

And sent The White Wicked Witch,

Flying out of her palace at quite a speed,

They caught Edward as a statue,

And then thought an awful lot,

To see who was attached to this evil plot!

So after a ton of thinking,

They discovered the culprit!

She was very bad,

And had the word ‘Queen’ in her name.

It was Jadis,

Who had been so insane!

To turn her people into stone,

And then lay them in her living lane!

So they killed the The White Wicked Witch,

And everyone rejoiced!

To see the Queen,

That had once been,

The host of all these deaths!


The statues were turned to people once more,

And The Daughters of Eve,

And the Sons of Adam,

All became the kings and queens,

Of Narnia, and they ruled with fairness,

And everyone else did their routine once more,

Of doing what they loved before.


By Margaret W, Upper II

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