Miss Mogio: A Digital Schoolhouse Lead Teacher


Exciting news this week when we received notification that we have been selected to be one of a handful of Digital Schoolhouses in the country. This is the culmination of several months’ hard work by Miss Mogio from the Computing Department who was also selected to be the Lead Teacher for the project.

Digital Schoolhouses support local schools with the development of Computer Science teaching in their school. Funded by big computer games companies such as Nintendo UK and Electronic Arts this charity aims to increase the number of students interested, and skilled, in Computer Science and Coding.

Our involvement in the Digital Schoolhouse project will mean, not only innovative changes to our own curriculum, but also working with existing and new partnership schools, and teachers, in the area to support their development too.

Miss Mogio was thrilled and noted; “I will be leading the charge in this transformative endeavour; we will be using play-based learning to engage students with Computing and we hope to ignite students’ curiosity and creativity through interactive workshops, coding challenges, and immersive experiences. 

By embracing this innovative program, we aim to empower our students, and the students of local schools, with the skills they need to excel in an increasingly digital world.”

Mr Bradley, Head of Computer Science at the Senior School, was equally pleased; “This is a marvellous achievement for both the school and for Miss Mogio. By participating in this project, we will gain from Miss Mogio’s increasing expertise in the field, the contacts she will make in the Games Industry and from the innovative changes she will bring to our Key Stage 3 curriculum.”

Dr. Tullis, Senior School Deputy Head Academic, expressed her enthusiasm, stating; “We are thrilled to have been selected to become a Digital Schoolhouse and see this as a meaningful and exciting way of continuing to deepen and extend our partnerships programmes. Paty Mogio will do a brilliant job of engaging with local schools to inspire the next generation of students and teachers about computing”.

Together with Miss Mogio’s leadership and the support of Digital Schoolhouse, we are excited to nurture the next generation of digital innovators and prepare them for the ever-evolving technological landscape. 

Look out for more Gateway articles over the duration of this exciting project.

For more information about Digital Schoolhouse click here: https://digitalschoolhouse.org.uk/

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