Mischief Managed – Art trip to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter


On Wednesday 16 November, a group of Art Scholars and competition winners went to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in London for a trip full of magical fun. 

We started the day off with a lesson about how a story like Harry Potter makes its way from a book to a large scale production movie. From paper model making to set building, we learnt about all of the different jobs that are required to produce films. It was mind blowing to see just how many different creative minds have to come together to produce a movie of that scale. We also had the special opportunity to get close to some of the real props that were used in the Harry Potter movies such as one of Hagrid’s jumpers and a variety of different prosthetics (all with white gloves of course!)

After a quick stop in the Chocolate Frog Cafe, we embarked on the tour of the studio and explored many of the scenes that are so beloved by Harry Potter fans around the world. The great hall was kitted out in its festive decor and outside the Hogwarts Greenhouse it was snowing. It truly felt like we had walked onto a movie set and that Daniel Radcliffe would pop out from the Gryffindor common room at any moment.

A highlight for me was learning about the marble effect of the columns of Gringotts Bank, and how it was created using a big vat of water, detergent and paint. It was then varnished so that you could be completely convinced they were made of expensive marble and not MDF wood.

Anyone who has been to the Warner Brothers studio tour will know that a trip could not be complete without good time spent in the extensive gift shop perusing potions books, bowtruckles, house scarfs and so on. It was great fun to see everyone getting back on the coach with an assortment of broomsticks, wands and butter beer galore. 

Dumbledore would have been proud and we all had a fabulous time. Not bad for a muggle day out!

Lily LVI

“I am a huge Harry Potter fan, however I had never been to Warner Brothers studios before, so when I found out I was one of the competition winners I could not contain my excitement! As soon as we arrived, we were given a special workshop on how some of the scenes in the film came to life. This was one of my favourite parts of the trip. After that we went on a tour of the whole place – I tasted butter beer for the first time, but I think I will stick to water next time! I loved the big model of Hogwarts castle, especially when the lighting changed. It was a phenomenal experience and I am so happy that the Art department organised something so special for all of us. Overall, it was a simply magical trip, and I hope I can go there again!”

Anoushka Upper IV

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