Making the most out of school life


On Monday 16 January Martha and Chloe took the Upper III and Lower IV Assembly. Their theme was ‘The importance of sport, and why school is about more than just exams’ as a way to encourage more students to join the different clubs the school has to offer. 

Both Martha and Chloe have been active members of school clubs and teams and wanted other students to experience the same fun they had. They explained the physical and mental health benefits of sport but showed that it’s not just sport that helps. As Martha said, we’re social beings and like to connect with other people. 

They asked the students to put up their hands if they wanted to join a club and ended with some practical information on where to go to find out more. Martha and Chloe definitely showed that while lessons and exams will always be important, school life is also about taking part in new activities if students want to get the most out of their time at The Abbey. Also it’s good for our mental and physical health too, which we can all carry on for the rest of our lives!

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