Lower V Film Reviews


The Lower V Spanish students recently embarked on a captivating project where they watched Spanish films and composed thoughtful reviews. As part of the process, they worked collaboratively, reading and analysing each other’s reviews, and ultimately selecting a winner. Despite the presence of numerous exceptional reviews written in impeccable Spanish, the timeless classic “Titanic” emerged as the winner. 

The language skills displayed by the students were truly impressive, as they incorporated idiomatic phrases and expressed their thoughts with eloquence. The reviews for “Titanic” stood out, showcasing a remarkable command of the language and an ability to convey their opinions effectively. The language used in these reviews was both engaging and captivating, demonstrating a deep understanding of Spanish expressions such as éxito de taquilla ( blockbuster) or ‘estar pegado a la pantalla’(glued to the screen). 

The choice of “Titanic” as the winning film reflects its enduring appeal and the students’ ability to appreciate its cinematic excellence. The students’ reviews captured the essence of the film, highlighting its emotional impact, compelling storyline, and memorable performances. 

Overall, the Lower V Spanish students’ endeavour to watch and review Spanish films proved to be an enriching experience, allowing them to showcase their language skills and immerse themselves in the world of cinema. Their exceptional use of Spanish language and idiomatic phrases, particularly in their reviews of “Titanic,” exemplified their linguistic proficiency and passion for the language.

Sra. Trujillo


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