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In order to prepare us for taking on leadership roles in Upper IV, the school held a number of activities over three days to develop our leadership skills. On Monday, we had a conference with two incredibly inspiring alumni, Robyn Field and Ria Kalsi, introducing what leadership is, what makes a good and bad leader and sharing their personal experiences of leadership. We learnt that a good leader is positive, caring and makes members of the community feel included, valued and cares for them; a bad leader, on the other hand, will just give instructions and refuse to listen to other’s views. This assembly will surely be one that we will keep in mind as we go up the school and eventually have the chance to take on leadership roles. Along with the alumni sharing their journey and its ups and downs, it also reassured those of us who aren’t sure what path they want to go down yet as one of them shared that she also was not sure what she wanted to do when she grew older, but ended up as such an incredible leader who we can look up to.

On Tuesday, we went to the junior school in our houses to participate in some activities with Upper IIs. In one of the activities, we focused on planning an imaginary party for reception children using the provided items. This proved to be an effective way to develop leadership skills through communication, collaboration, and creativity. We took turns collecting five or six pieces of paper, each with an image of an object, such as a Harry Potter book, a toy car, disco balls, and erasers. As ideas emerged, we encountered minor arguments due to differing perspectives. However, through effective communication, we resolved our incompatible views and combined our thoughts into cohesive ideas.

In one of the other activities, we were given five minutes to create a free-standing tower using only newspaper and tape. It brought back nostalgic moments as we did a similar activity in Year 7 and this gave us a chance to guide others, taught us how to coordinate and work with others under time pressure. This activity relates closely to leadership as it requires effective communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. We had to work together, assign tasks, and make quick decisions. It also allowed us to showcase our leadership qualities by guiding and supporting our teammates. It taught us the importance of resourcefulness and adaptability in leadership roles.

On Wednesday, we were given an opportunity to talk to the Lower VI students who took on important roles to contribute to the school and wider communities. For example, we talked to the charity reps: this position is a valuable one that connects people with charity organisations worldwide. Its purpose is to help us find suitable charities to support, making a meaningful difference in the lives of those who are in need globally. By taking on this role, we can contribute to causes that align with our values and directly impact individuals and communities.

Starting next year, we will have the chance to record acts of leadership we did in and outside school in our iPortfolios, a document which records our growth in extracurricular activities throughout the year and helps us to graduate from the Lower School to continue on in the Upper School. This is an opportunity the school has given us that we will treasure and we will try our best as we embark on our leadership journeys.

Haylen, Charlotte (Lower IV)

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