Kiara’s Poem based on Maya Angelou


Kiara wrote a fantastic poem based on the work of Maya Angelou that demonstrates how a person rises above adversity and has a strong anti bullying message.

I Rise 

You might insult, jeer and taunt me,
With your whispers, rumours; your bitter cries,
You may torment me down in the very dirt,
But like a phoenix from the flames, I rise.

Just like waterfalls peacefully gushing,
With the guarantee of birds rushing, 
Just like ambitions reaching high, 
Still I rise.

Did you want to see me fade?
Disappear within the foggy skies?
Thoughts like mist flowing in my mind, 
Conceal my miserable cries.

Above the mist still drifting, I rise,
Ascending, emerging and growing like mountains, I rise,
I am an oak tree, in a storm, my branches swinging through the wind,
I am an electric eel and will shoot lightning at whoever stands in my way.

Abandoning days of distress and sorrow, I rise,
Embracing a prosperous world full of flourishing flowers, I rise,
I am the light, the hope and the power of harmony.

I rise,
I rise,
I rise.

Written by Kiara Upper I

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