Joy in Philosophy and Theology lessons


Key Stage Three students reflected on what they enjoyed about their past year of learning in Philosophy and Theology:

“Philosophy and Theology has been my favourite part of the week and I always leave with a smile on my face.”

“I really enjoyed Philosophy and Theology because I liked the way my teacher taught us. My teacher would make learning fun. The things we learned were interesting too. I especially liked learning about Islam and all the pillars.”

“I loved everything about Philosophy and Theology this year. When my first lesson came around, I was overjoyed to see an enthusiastic teacher, helping me get around corners I couldn’t have gone around alone.”

“I really like Philosophy and Theology lessons because they always get me thinking.”

“I really enjoyed the project work we did. Not only was it fun, but having a time limit pushed us to work efficiently and we learned lots, whilst also using our creativity. Using our creativity alongside our learning is just one example of what makes Philosophy and Theology lessons such fun.”

“My Philosophy and Theology class is the safest environment to share thoughts and discuss with others. My teacher is the most caring person.”

“I have enjoyed Philosophy and Theology because it makes me think about the world and I enjoy it because it teaches me about different faiths”.

“I have learned so much. My teacher makes the experience fun and entertaining to learn. ”

“I liked learning about Buddhism the most. I found it interesting to learn about Buddha’s thoughts and beliefs, and how he impacted other people’s lives.”

“I have really enjoyed Philosophy and Theology this year because it has been so much fun and I’ve learned a lot. The lessons are relaxed, fun and creative, and everyone has a chance to contribute.”

“I’ve learned a lot of interesting information that I never knew about and I really enjoyed Philosophy and Theology this year.”

“I have enjoyed how my teacher makes the lesson fun and enjoyable but makes sure everyone knows what they are doing.” 

“I enjoyed learning what other people believe in and why. I liked debating and it opened my eyes to different perspectives.” 

“Philosophy and Theology makes you think deeper about this earth, who or how it was created and how many questions are still left unanswered. It kept me thinking, which is why I enjoyed Philosophy and Theology this year.”

“I think it has been important to talk on sensitive topics like abortion and euthanasia, as it has helped me gain an understanding of different points of view.”

“I found Philosophy and Theology to be a comforting subject. My favourite topic was the Islamic faith.” 

“Philosophy and Theology really helped me this year. Whenever I go to a Philosophy and Theology lesson, I always come out smiling and in a happy mood.”

“I loved our most recent topic, Buddhism! My favourite story was Siddhartha’s story. I found it interesting how he never went outside before, but when he did, he saw how the world really was.”

“I enjoyed making mind-maps with friends and sharing ideas. I loved learning about the ten plagues.”

“I have enjoyed learning more about Buddhism this year, as I haven’t learnt much of it before and it has been interesting.”

“This year I enjoyed learning about Buddhism, because the religion is unique in the way that Buddhists are atheists.” 

“I enjoyed learning about utilitarianism as it really opened my mind.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed Philosophy and Theology this year.” 

“The elements I have enjoyed the most are the debates and the ethical theories are actually so interesting.” 

“I have really enjoyed the lessons and the way they were planned out. The teacher has been lots of fun and I have enjoyed the class discussions.”

“I have enjoyed learning about the different ethics and how you would apply them to real everyday situations.”

“I have enjoyed our new topic on God, which I’m finding very interesting and enjoying discussing it in class.”

“I really enjoyed learning how to structure an argument and learning about ethical theories. My teacher explains things so well and is really nice.”

“I have really enjoyed Philosophy and Theology this year! I really enjoyed the topics we’ve discussed. My teacher is so much fun and makes learning so interesting.”

“I have really enjoyed the topics we have covered when approaching ‘applied ethics’. My teacher has brought these lessons to life, and not only does that help me remember the information, but it makes the lessons enjoyable too.”

“I loved this year because it was fun. My teacher made it enjoyable, funny and interesting.”

“In Philosophy and Theology, the most important thing is to understand, with 100% free pressure in tests.”

“My teacher was funny and nice, and made the lessons entertaining. I liked learning about topics such as the Death Penalty.”

“I enjoyed the debates and listening to other people’s ideas and views.”

“I have really enjoyed learning about different religions and ethics. My favourite topic was utilitarianism.”

“I enjoyed learning about the ethical theories because it was interesting to put them into different moral dilemmas, including gender discrimination and environmental problems like overfishing.”

“This year, I have really enjoyed Philosophy and Theology as the teachers have made it amazing for us. It is a really interesting lesson as we work in groups, do role play and have fun class discussions.”

“I have really enjoyed Philosophy and Theology this year. I have enjoyed working with others and answering philosophical questions.”

“I enjoyed learning in creative, unique ways. For example, a lot of things I know now from Buddhism I remember from a song I made up.”

“I have really enjoyed Philosophy and Theology this year because it was really fun and I got to learn what other people believe in and what they do.” 

“I really enjoyed the stories of Abraham. I also liked when we did group discussions and said what we thought. I always look forward to Philosophy and Theology.”

“I enjoyed sessions when we got to discuss a statement and hear others’ opinions because they were all different.”

“I found the Islamic faith very interesting and found that part of it could relate to my religion e.g. praying, throwing away sin, giving to the poor and being humble.”

“I enjoyed the conversations we had and writing what we thought.”

“I enjoyed learning about Philosophy and Theology this year because I got to debate with people and hear about other people’s views.”

“Philosophy and Theology made me more open-minded and helped me discover a new favourite topic.”

“I enjoyed learning about religious and philosophical beliefs. I respect Christianity and Islam more now that I understand them. It also made me reconsider my own personal beliefs.”

“I really liked Philosophy and Theology this year because learning about stories and their meanings was interesting. The class discussions were always fun and interesting to participate in as well.”

“This year, I really enjoyed when we learned about Jesus and God because personally I think that it has helped me deepen my relationship with God, as well as answer my questions and help me understand more about the Bible.”

“I like how my writing structure has improved because now I am writing better in most subjects.”

“I enjoyed learning about the five pillars of Islam as I found it very interesting to learn about what Muslims do for Allah. I really liked Philosophy and Theology this year and I am excited for next year.”

“Our Philosophy and Theology teacher is an amazing teacher and is always on hand to help us! We have covered a range of world religions in depth. I am really looking forward to Philosophy and Theology next year.”

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