Ideas + Passion Talk


The latest in our series of Ideas + Passions talks welcomed Professor Danielle George MBE to The Abbey to inspire the next generation of female engineers. Danielle celebrated the female ‘difference makers’ who have inspired technological inventions in history and challenged our student audience to become the pioneers of the future by ‘engineering ideas in their imagination’.

“As an engineer you find the unexpected and then you ask some more questions; at times your inventions will fail, and that’s when real innovation occurs. We should celebrate the failures – that’s what makes you a ‘change maker’ “.

Professor George is a Radio Frequency Engineer, Astrophysicist, TV Presenter and former President of the Institution of Engineering and Technology: her work is in engineering the tools of scientific discovery that is helping us understand the composition of the universe.

Our thanks to Professor Danielle George MBE and the Institution of Engineering & Technology for an unforgettable evening exploring the opportunities and possibilities of a career in engineering.

The Abbey Ideas + Passions Talks bring together students from across the Reading community to develop aspiration and self-discovery.

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