Henley Youth Festival


Performing at the Henley Youth Festival was such a great and exciting experience for me and the rest of the band. I think as well as having fun, we learned a lot about performing live. It’s really cool for the school to be supporting more and more genres of music within the music department. Mr Terry has really supported us in getting the band going and we were ecstatic when he gave us the opportunity to sign up for Gig Night. The fact I got to perform my own song was surreal. 

The Singer/SongWriting lessons in school with Miss Mills have really helped my songwriting progress, and it was just amazing to hear what I’d created be performed by my friends in front of an actual audience. Hearing the song come together, (especially at such a loud volume!) was everything I’d hoped it would be for a first gig. I can’t wait to get back to rehearsing, and for the next opportunity for us to get on stage. 

Elizabeth, Lower VI

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