Geography Field Trip


On Wednesday we went to Bournemouth and Hengistbury for a Geography field trip to investigate two different beaches. First, we went to Bournemouth beach where we learned a variety of new techniques that enabled us to research the groyne height, the frequency of the waves, and the beach profile. We then drew a field sketch and wrote a reflection on our work.

After this, we went to Hengistbury Head where we first had lunch on the grass and some ice cream! Then we walked down to the beach where we got into groups and planned out our own experiment. We asked: ‘Does the shape and size of the pebble vary due to how far it is from the shore?’ We predicted that the rocks would get larger the further away from the shore they were. We discovered that there was no real pattern but the majority of the rocks were at the back of the beach. We think this is because they came from the cliff. We then headed back to the coach. 

Although it was very windy it was a really fun experience and we are glad that we had the opportunity to go. It also didn’t rain which was nice!

Phoebe & Ruili (Lower IV)

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