Flute Diploma success


I recently took the ABRSM ARSM (Associate of the Royal Schools of Music) flute diploma exam. I have played the flute for five and a half years, and after completing grade 8 I wanted a new challenge, so I decided to take the ARSM diploma. I found it to be a big step up from grade 8, and the format is very different – although there is no sight reading, aural or scales, the amount of time you play for is longer, and the standard of playing expected is much higher.

I started working on my programme just over a year ago, and after careful consideration, I chose: Sonatas 1 and 6 from Telemann’s 12 Sonaten für Querflöte ohne Bass, Vivaldi’s ‘La tempesta di mare’ concerto, Concertino for Flute by Chaminade and Debussy’s Syrinx. Although the pieces were very challenging, I really enjoyed playing them. 

When the day of the exam finally came, I ran through the pieces with my accompanist, Sally Goodworth, who is the Music Coordinator at Brunel University. I had already chosen the order of my programme in collaboration with my flute teacher and started the exam with the Telemann Sonatas. 

Even though I felt quite nervous I am pleased to have taken and achieved the diploma, and I would encourage taking a Diploma for anyone who has the opportunity. I would like to thank my flute teacher and the music department for all their fantastic support and can now look forward to taking the ATCL performance diploma on the clarinet next term. 

By  Amelia, Lower VI

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