English Poetry competition


Fancy entering this year’s English Department poetry competition?  The theme is ‘environment’ which means the surroundings in which we live (and work).

  • Do you love being outdoors? Have you been up a mountain or walked through a forest? Have you spent time near the sea or in the sea? 
  • Do you love being indoors?  Do you love playing video games? Do you love spending time with your family?  What was it like being locked down?
  • Do you have concerns about climate change? What were your experiences of the drought this summer?

A consideration of any kind of environment is acceptable.  You might want to offer your thoughts about the climate crisis in your poem, but that is just one option.  You could write about your home environment, the school environment, or an environment you have experienced in nature.  Any style of poetry is acceptable.  Please email entries to buttonan@theabbey.co.uk by 4 November 2022.  The competition is open to all senior school year groups.  

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