Drama Scholars’ Production


This past Monday and Tuesday evening saw the Lower School Drama Scholars perform their very own 20 minute abbreviated creations, which were together titled “Shakespeare at a Table”. They delighted an appreciative audience of teachers, family and friends each evening. 

The 20 minute abbreviated plays included Twelfth Night, which sparkled with humour and generated many laughs; The Tempest which entertained with much creativity and clever use of finger puppetry; and lastly King Lear which saw eyes gouged out with a spoon and blood flowing through red ribbons. The integration of the table into each performance was imaginatively performed by each group and the evening was very much enjoyed by the scholars too who had fun working together under the supportive and knowledgeable guidance of Miss Friend. Mr Haime’s tech and lighting skills were much appreciated including the bursts of Wham’s Careless Whisper which made an appearance in a couple of the performances. I think I can speak for all the scholars when saying it was a very enjoyable time and we are very grateful for this amazing experience.

Aurelia, Upper IV (Year 9)

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