Discovery Week at Juniors



At the Junior School we are celebrating our discovery week in preparation for the Reading Festival of Sport in Reading Children’s Festival. We have given Lower I – Lower III the opportunity to learn different sports alongside the 13 sports they learn as part of their curriculum. 

During the week, we welcomed Reading Rockets into our curriculum lessons and lunchtimes last week to teach Upper I and Upper II everything there is to know about basketball. Mr Adams taught the students how to dribble the ball and with some exciting games, they had lots of fun. Mia and Candy said ‘I think the session was good, it was nice to do something different’ and Kanyin thought we should start our own basketball club! If you are interested in playing basketball, keep a lookout in our weekly notices on local opportunities or speak to Miss Steele.


The Lower I’s got to experience a fun-filled lesson of Judo with local Judo coach, Tom Haynes. They learnt the break fall technique, how to throw their opponent safely to the floor and how to pin their partner on their back. This enhanced their knowledge surrounding the sport and they learnt some key phrases which they had to use when performing the skills.

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