Cross-School Poetry Society


Last Tuesday saw the January edition of our cross-school Poetry Society.

Students from both The Abbey and Reading School were invited to bring work that fit the theme of ‘Lyrics and Poetry’. The lyrics of those such as The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Florence and the Machine, Hozier and Fiona Apple formed the basis of our discussion and we debated whether lyrics and poetry can ever truly be separated.

Accompanied by lemon drizzle cake and hot drinks, we found similarities in the different works on the themes of absurdism, religious conflict and mythology. Hence, the theme for our next meeting is ‘Myths and Legends’, which will be taking place on Wednesday 21 February.

The general consensus of the group was that lyrics are irrevocably linked to poetry and while this means lyrics definitely do count as poetry, that doesn’t mean they are always well written! Disagree? If you’re in Lower V-Upper VI, feel free to join us in February.

Lily, Upper VI

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