Club Junior Tennis Champion of the Year


We’re delighted to hear that Sophie (Upper V Sports Scholar) has been awarded the accolade for Club Junior Champion of the Year at her tennis club recently. Sophie has been progressing rapidly over the course of the last couple of seasons and also received the 1st place trophy in the Berkshire Tennis Club tournament this summer. 

Sophie, pictured alongside her coach Gary, was awarded this prize not only for match performance, but also for her coaching commitment to the club in note of her significant contribution to the growing success of the tennis camps they run. Sophie was chosen from 200 junior players for this award, so this was quite an honour.

Alongside her tennis, Sophie is still working hard on her figure skating, which she does at National level. Recently, there has been a big focus on harness work to secure her triple jump and recently landed her first quad salchow! 

Well done on your trophies, Sophie and keep up the hard work! 

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