Certificate of Merit


Margaret in Lower III recently learnt her 1000 word story was awarded a Certificate of Merit, and it has been selected for inclusion in the Annual Showcase 2023 ‘Inspired Words Book’. Here is her entry.

What would happen if you woke up to an unexpected malfunction of the internet? And, boom, bang, blitz! The internet has officially stopped working.

With no checking Twitter first thing in the morning, no credit card to pay for your lunch, no Google Maps to direct you into a new city!

You wouldn’t even be reading this if the internet had stopped working!

Well, what do you think? If the internet stopped tomorrow, what would the pros and cons be? If you want to find out even more information about this fascinating question, no need to worry! You have come to the right place!

Read more below to find out what would happen if the internet stopped tomorrow!

The Internet is great and has helped us change and develop not just our lives, but everyone’s. You could argue that this change would help us, take our eyes off online screens, spend more time with our friends, our family and even conversations would be more lively.

But then again, everything good always comes with a downside. 

Relatives living in different places may pose a problem if phones were cut out of our lives. No more FaceTiming or catching up over Zoom, no more communication unless you fly there. And for some families, that is quite a problem. New technology has helped everybody spend more time with their loved ones over the years and that has had a great impact on the world’s mental health. 

Fax machines would come back, and people would start taking notes by hand. Well, maybe not fax machines, but we would still have television to entertain us, and that’s one of the many things that people have in common. Everyone has a soft spot for TV! Television may result in people spending too much time watching it, and that can also lead to arguments, but some people are saying otherwise. TV may be a bad thing, but a good thing as well because it can help increase family time together and a movie marathon is always a fun thing to do!

In fact, with an estimated amount of 4 billion people not having any access to the internet worldwide, half of humanity wouldn’t even notice that the internet has disappeared for us. For us internet users, we would notice this right away.

People who use social media would also spot this and would call each other right away, overloading the work in telecommunications systems, meaning communication over a distance of cable. This would affect live broadcasting, telephones, telegraphs, and many more. People who watch the news would have a problem, since when the system overloads, glitching begins and the world wouldn’t be able to find out some of the most important messages and wouldn’t know what is happening in other places, therefore not knowing how to help. If the system were overworked, cell phone towers and telephone lines would also be shut down, then the world would go back to writing letters and communicating via post. You might also want to forget about wireless file transfers because, without wifi, that would be almost impossible. You would have to use a physical cable to connect two computers or even a CD. 

Now, let’s switch to the economy, with financial data mostly stored on the server, banking services hugely depend on the internet, and bank transfers wouldn’t be possible, not even mentioning that credit and debit cards would become useless pieces of coloured plastic. 

Do you think you will be able to live without the internet?

Margaret, Lower III


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