Botanic Gardens and the Natural History Museum


On Wednesday 29 June, Lower V visited the Botanic Gardens and the Natural History Museum in Oxford. On arrival at the Botanic Gardens, we were greeted by our knowledgeable and engaging guide. She talked to us about the garden and its importance in conservation and we started by looking at the fascinating ginkgo tree which has evolutionary significance dating back to before the dinosaurs and the mandrake plant, made infamous by JK Rowling. 

The Botanic Garden is the oldest in the UK, having recently celebrated its 400th year anniversary by creating a new hybrid perfect pink, Oxford Physic rose. We toured the gardens, observing the plethora of beautiful, colourful flowers which also serve many purposes ranging from medicinal properties, carbon sequestering features and  importance in building and architecture. When we entered the glasshouses, we were amazed by the variety of plants inside; housing cactus plants and tropical plants and we loved the spectacular giant lilies. Our favourite plants included the carnivorous venus flytrap and the pitcher plants that destroyed anything that had the misfortune of falling in.

Once we finished exploring the gardens, we headed to the Natural History Museum. When we first entered the site, the dinosaur footprints leading up to the main building immediately intrigued us. The favourite part of the museum was the dinosaur skeletons where we all had an amazing time looking at the displays in the museum and exploring and researching these amazing creatures. It was an enjoyable and informative experience.

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