Bebras Update


The two-week window to take the Bebras Challenge came to an end on Friday. During this time over 300 students in the Senior School took the challenge for their age range. This involved sitting a 40 minute online assessment which tested their logical and computational thinking skills in a series of increasingly difficult questions. 

Mr Bradley, Head of Computer Science, said “I want to congratulate all the students who took part in the challenge. We will not get the results for a couple of weeks, but the concentration and effort required from each student taking the challenge is immense; so well done everyone!”

Students were asked afterwards what they enjoyed about the challenge and how they felt it benefited them. Here are some of their responses:

Lana, Upper III, “It made my brain really think about what to do in the questions and made me more curious.”

Stephanie, Lower IV, “[I enjoyed] having to concentrate and the satisfaction of getting the answer.”

Hayley, Lower V, “I felt lots of satisfaction after completing the challenges as I felt proud of myself and love to problem solve.”

Anjali, Lower VI, “[I enjoyed] tackling each different problem creatively and making use of the logical thinking skills I’ve developed over the years”

Sara, Upper III, “I think the Bebras challenge opened my mind a bit.”

Sienna, Lower IV, “[I learnt] how to think more logically and being able to deduct things from certain information.”

Harriet, Upper IV, “It encouraged logical thinking.”

Kimuthu, Lower V, “I can look at some problems with a different approach rather than how I did before.”

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