Augmented Reality


Lower III have been experimenting with Augmented Reality in their Unit of Inquiry lessons. In the hall, they have been discovering new things and looking at different artefacts from the past to the present. Students have been fascinated by many new facts and even learned about some of the most important objects in history. The class has taken some photos, as well as completing a few tasks. Mummies’ coffins and even some famous statues, including The Kiss, are just a few examples of one the many items that they have looked at. 

Jasmine commented, “The app was really hands-on and it was a reliable source of information whereas online people could have edited it. We could also take photos and it was a really nice experience”.

Personally, I found that the overall experience was extremely interesting, interactive, and most importantly, fun!

After completing an activity set for us on Seesaw, some pupils decided to put themselves behind the masks of some objects and created some fabulous pieces of human sculptures, filled with life as well as pairing up together and even making some new statues. 

I believe that this lesson is a true testament to our Abbey Learner profile as it greatly developed all of our inquisitive skills and deepened our knowledge on our history.

Margaret W, Lower III

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