ATCL Diploma for Jess


I recently took the Trinity ATCL flute Diploma exam. I have been playing the flute at school for eight years and, as a music scholar, have had many opportunities to perform in concerts. After completing grade 8 I felt I needed a new challenge and I certainly found that challenge in the Diploma. Unlike grades one to eight, the Diploma is very much performance-based and did not include the usual elements of scales or sight-reading. The atmosphere is designed to be similar to that of a private recital and part of the exam is to produce a written program.

There was a wide range of challenging pieces to choose from and I enjoyed choosing a varied programme lasting 36 minutes of 4 pieces of contrasting styles: Bach’s Sonata no. 6, Widor’s suite (1st and 2nd movements), Bali Moods by Anne Boyd and Gaubert’s Troisième Sonata. 

On the day of the exam I met the examiner and was invited to arrange the room how I liked for the performance. I was expertly accompanied by Mrs Garcia, the school’s principal accompanist, as we had worked together on the performance over many weeks. Her help proved inspirational;  throughout the recital, I began to grow more relaxed and the pieces flowed as they did in practice. I definitely feel that this experience further developed my confidence in performing. Overall, after achieving a distinction in the exam, I was pleased I completed this achievement and would strongly recommend taking a Diploma for anyone who has the chance. Thank you so much Miss Briguglio for your fantastic teaching on the flute and the Music Department for all your support!

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