Art Scholars’ Trip to Reading University- Downloading the Woods


On 27 May, we visited Reading University and found out about a link between science and art. When we arrived in the morning, we found out about trees and the effects that have happened over the years due to global warming. We all found it shocking to see the graphs with data on them showing the increase in carbon dioxide over centuries. After the Industrial Revolution, there has been a huge increase in our CO2 emissions; we could see that on the graph as there was a big spike. 

After the talk, we went outside to a small woodland area and investigated the trees. We did a variety of activities such as: mark making on paper against the trees, sketching different parts of the trees, taking lots of photos, and even listening to the sounds that trees make due to their different densities! It was very interesting finding out lots of facts about the trees. For example, I never knew how trees are all linked together under the soil by different types of spores. Overall, it was a very calming experience, standing outside and embracing nature as I think we don’t do it often enough. I very much enjoyed learning more about two of my favourite subjects and combining them together. 

Chloe, Upper IV

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