Alumnae to Student Talk Series ‘ Degree Apprenticeships: An Alternative to University’


Recent alumnae Maria and Annabelle (2022 leavers) shared their experiences of being degree apprentices at professional services company Deloitte – Maria in Quality, Risk & Assurance and Annabelle in Financial Advisory Services.

They described to the student audience a typical week of work as one day training, one day studying and three days working as part of a business team. 

Maria and Annabelle offered the student audience four compelling reasons to consider the merit of degree apprenticeships:

A fully funded degree equivalent with no debt at the end;
4 years of work experience and learning on the job;
A guaranteed job at the end;
Getting 3 years ahead in your career – Assistant Manager by the age of 22.

So six months into the role, was it what they expected?

Maria: No two days are the same and you rotate around different departments. It’s great to be paid to study and I was able to give up my part-time supermarket job!. I didn’t realise just how many opportunities there would be once I joined Deloitte – ‘the world is your oyster’ – with opportunities to get a secondment to different departments and countries – and to travel for fun.  I’m off to Prague in May to play in the Deloitte football team tournament!

Annabelle: In sixth form, I didn’t know what I wanted to study for three years at University.  This is very hands-on learning, working with a supportive team which I love. The only thing I’m missing out on from my friends at University is that I’m still living at home. However, most degree apprentices have their own home by the third year so I’m happy to stay at home and save!

Head of Business and the Apprenticeships Lead, Charles Lovibond told students “There’s lots of different ways of continuing your studies and having fun.  There are many sectors where degree apprenticeships are offered including engineering, technology and business.”

The ‘Alumnae to Student Talk Series’ is organised by the alumnae office and provides current students with the opportunity to explore careers and ideas with former students.

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