Air Pistol Championships


I recently competed in the English Open 10m Air Pistol Championships at the Lord Roberts Centre, Bisley. 

The competition is an important event because the scores go onto the national ranking list. Therefore the event attracts the best shooters from around Britain. Unusually, seniors and juniors compete against one another which makes it even more competitive than other, similar competitions. 

The first round is qualification which involves each competitor taking 60 shots in 75 minutes; the top eight proceed to a final. I qualified for the final in third place, achieving my highest score since competitions started again after the lockdowns. 

The rules for the final have recently been changed, so it was a new experience for all of the athletes. The format is that after every five shots the two athletes with the lowest scores are eliminated. I was able to maintain my composure and only moved into the bronze medal position on my last shot!

I am hoping to continue to perform at this level and I am looking forward to competing at more international competitions in the near future, now that it is easier to travel after COVID restrictions have eased.

Hannah, Lower VI

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