Adrian Moorhouse


Olympian Adrian Moorhouse MBE was our latest Ideas + Passion guest at The Abbey. Adrian dominated the world of swimming on the British and International stage – winning Olympic Gold in 1988 and holding a world record for six consecutive years. We were joined by students, parents and teachers from The Abbey, Kendrick, Reading School, Highdown and Reading Girls’. Adrian spent an hour on stage generously sharing his experiences and taking questions – and a further hour answering individual questions from students who hung back afterwards.  An unforgettable evening with exceptional student feedback:

“I found the positive mindset really useful. Now I believe it is vital  to be determined, and follow what you truly love.” Year 7 student, The Abbey

“I learned that it is important to dream big and anything is possible, even when others are telling you that you can’t do something. Thank you and I hope I can come to some of the future talks at the Abbey again”. Sixth Form student, Kendrick

“The thing I took away most from it was that it is ok to fail, you just need to pick  yourself up, learn from your mistakes, and have another go.” Year 7 student, The Abbey

“I thought it was very fun and had a lot of very good advice in it that could be applied both to sporting and everyday life.” Year 9 student, The Abbey“Thank you again to you and the rest of The Abbey School for hosting the talk last night- it was such a great event and was really useful, especially for inspiration for future opportunities.” Sixth Form student, Highdown

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