Abbey Gardens: Pre-Residential


One Friday evening in early June whilst all the other Abbey students went home, Upper Prep stayed in Abbey Gardens until 8pm for an exciting and fantastic pre-residential!

So much fun was had, including crazy catapults, fire lighting and team building activities. All of the students worked well together to complete different challenges and enjoyed working with different peers.

The students then tucked into jacket potatoes and even a vanilla sprinkle cake before going outside to see the roaring fire set up by the instructor from Ufton Court. We then loved roasting marshmallows on the fire, learning the fire safety position and munching on the tasty treats.

The Upper Prep children practiced their circus skills, dancing in the wind and spinning plates. They then concluded the evening by building A frames out of wood and string, the students tied tight knots to ‘walk’ the logs across the quad. We loved this special time together. 

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